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Ab MIND ki baari hai

It's everything you need to make your child successful.
Enhance your child's Learning, Behavior and Personality with Weekly Improvement Plans, Activities, Personalised Workshops and One-One Counselling powered by AI.

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I want to become an astronaut, cricketer, gamer, and a singer.

I am confused!

We are spending so much money on his tuition classes,

co-curricular and online apps.

Will he be successful in life?

He knows everything but somehow doesn't perform well.

Will he be successful in life?

What makes SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE different from millions in the world?

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All successful people have powerful minds. 

Success is a mind game.

There are a whole lot of people who have extraordinary talent, passion and mad skills but they aren’t killing it in business or winning in the game of life. Maybe you’re friends with an incredibly smart and driven person who can’t pay the rent. Maybe that talented but not very successful person is you. You could be thinking, “I know I have the skills to succeed but I have no idea how.”

When it comes to rising to the top, talent, skills, and passion are just part of the game plan. The rest?

It’s all about your mind and it's 3 parts

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Cognition simply means your learning style.

Mastering your cognition can make you life long learner.

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Behavior simply means how well we react to different situations; whether in a closed room or on stage.

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At its most basic, personality is the patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that make a person unique. 

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Know more about your mind with kaidoko

For 6-9 yrs

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Start early,

Ensure success.

Explore what your child is going to excel in, and chalk a lovable personality for them.

For 10-13 yrs

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Your mind is changing as your body.

Become exceptionally smart and accomplish big things with real learning, better behavior and best personality.

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For 14-18 yrs

 Take some big decisions about life.

Learn the art of mastering your mind as recommended by top psychologists.

Curriculum + Pricing

Our Results
Thousands of parents and children have used Kaidoko.

91% parents noticed an improvement in their child's psychological health within 6 weeks
Users constantly report improvements in behavior, personality as well as in their sleep and eating habits.


68% noticed an improvement in their learning outcomes
Kaidoko gets your brain moving and helps you build a personalised learning style that aids in better learning outcomes and improved academic scores.

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75% users felt happier, more motivated
Kaidoko encourages  to take positive first steps, which foster positive relationships and over time translate into happiness in all parts of life

Want to see more?

What do our customers say?

Smitha R., Homemaker


Parent of 10 year old

I live with my in-laws, and my daughter is the single child in the home. They are very affectionate towards her due to which she was becoming a spoilt brat. Enrolling her with Kaidoko, everyone in my family is amazed by how well she has started behaving now. 

Manoj K., IT Professional,


Parent of 7yr old and 11yr old

I spent a significant amount in purchasing multiple courses for my 11 year old son. None of such courses helped improve his scores. After enrolling into Kaidoko, I got to know about his learning style, improved upon it through personalised Improvement Plan. His scores significantly improved.

Rajiv S. & Renuka S., Doctors

Parents of 13yr old and 16yr old

Our professional commitments make it very difficult for us to

know our children, even moreso during COVID-19. Kaidoko has really helped us do meaningful activities with our children, maintaining emotional stability amongst our family.

See which Kaidoko plan suits your needs

Beneficial for Every Child

Whether you have a small family or a big one; are a single parent or are unable to spend time with your child, we've made a child like yours successful and can help you too.

Easily Accessible

With a responsive website, iOS and Android apps, Kaidoko integrates easily with your busy lives.


Proven Results

91% of parents notice an improvement in their child's learning, behaviour and personality and 76% say they're happier at home and at work.

Explore our results.

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