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Our Results

We are happy to have helped our customers.


noticed an improvement in their health


would recommend Kaidoko to friends and family

91% parents noticed an improvement in their child's psychological health

Users constantly report improvements in behaviour, personality as well as in their sleep and eating habits.

Psychological Impact


68% noticed an improvement in their learning outcomes

Kaidoko gets your brain moving and helps you build a personalised learning style that aids in better learning outcomes and improved academic scores.

39% users felt less anxious and have better mood

Mood is affected by everything. Anxiety levels have never been higher. We introduce a range of techniques to combat stress.



Physical Impact

31% noticed improved sleep cycles

We often neglect our sleep, but it is a very important aspect of our everyday life. Sleep affects our quality of life in many ways — be it our efficiency at work, or the prevention of diseases and maintenance of mental health.


53% reported increase in physical activity


Kaidoko gets people moving, no matter their fitness level. 

Our Personalised Improvement Plans keeps your body and minds moving.


Happiness and Motivation

Thousands of parents and children have used Kaidoko.

family (2).png

75% users felt happier 


Kaidoko encourages children and parents to take positive first steps, which foster positive relationships and over time translate into happiness in all parts of life


28% felt more motivated


Motivation  initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors.

It is what causes you to act and perform better in your schools as well as in life.

See which Kaidoko plan suits your needs

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