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Your Personal AI Psychologist




(For Age 6 to 18)

It's everything you need to make your child better.

Enhance your child's Learning, Behavior and Personality with Weekly Improvement Plans, Activities, Personalised Workshops and One-One Counselling catering your needs.

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Beneficial for Every Child

Whether you have a small family or big one; are a single parent or  are unable to spend time with your child, we've helped a child like yours and can help you too.

Easily Accessible

With a responsive website, iOS and Android apps, Kaidoko integrates easily with your busy lives.


Proven Results

91% of parents notice an improvement in their child's learning, behaviour and personality and 76% say they're happier at home and at work.

Explore our results.

Questions, you've always asked yourselves !!!

Do you feel like

your child ....

.... lacks self-discipline?

.... hesitate to talk to anyone and finds it difficult to make friends?


.... is insensitive towards others?


.... is low on confidence?


Do you know ....

.... how your child learns the best?

.... about your child's cognition?

.... about your child's behaviour?

.... about how your child's behaviour is affecting their future?


Do you think ....

.... life is too fast and it is difficult for you to improve your child?

.... your child does not opens up to you regarding their problems?

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Don't worry, Kaidoko helps!

Kaidoko replicates a counsellor using Artificial Intelligence Technology and suggests you personalised activities to perform at home.

We, thus, recognize your mind map using AI and suggests you activities to improve upon your personalities, behaviour, interests and mitigate negative aspects of your psychology.

Create a loving environment at your home and help your child become their best self.

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Why choose Kaidoko ?

Here's why you can trust us.


Comprehensive and Dynamic

Every day is dynamic, and focused on different aspect of your psychology,

ranging from learning, behaviour to personality.


Counselling and Workshops

Specialised Workshops and One on One Counselling Sessions with Kaidoko Certified Psychologists catering your needs.


Made for All

Kaidoko is inclusive and accessible for everyone irrespective of your academic scores. No trackers or modern technology needed.


Established, Trusted Product

Supported by Government of India, NASSCOM, HARTRON and trusted by thousands of users globally.


Proven Results

Over 90% of our users recommend Kaidoko

to their friends and families.

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Affordable, Transparent Pricing

Our pricing is fair, transparent and affordable. Pricing less than cost of single counselling session.

Explore Plans and Pricing

91% parents noticed an improvement in their child's psychological health

Users constantly report improvements in behaviour, personality as well as in their sleep and eating habits.

Our Results

Thousands of parents and children have used Kaidoko.

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68% noticed an improvement in their learning outcomes

Kaidoko gets your brain moving and helps you build a personalised learning style that aids in better learning outcomes and improved academic scores.

75% users felt happier and more motivated

Kaidoko encourages children and parents to take positive first steps, which foster positive relationships and over time translate into happiness in all parts of life

Want to see more?

What our customers say?

Smitha R., Homemaker


Parent of 10 year old

I live with my in-laws, and my daughter is the single child in the home. They are very affectionate towards her due to which she was becoming a spoilt brat. Enrolling her with Kaidoko, everyone in my family is amazed by how well she has started behaving now. 

Manoj K., IT Professional,


Parent of 7yr old and 11yr old

I spent a significant amount in purchasing multiple courses for my 11 year old son. None of such courses helped improve his scores. After enrolling into Kaidoko, I got to know about his learning style, improved upon it through personalised Improvement Plan. His scores significantly improved.

Rajiv S. & Renuka S., Doctors

Parents of 13yr old and 16yr old

Our professional commitments make it very difficult for us to

know our children, even moreso during COVID-19. Kaidoko has really helped us do meaningful activities with our children, maintaining emotional stability amongst our family.

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